About Us

FEAFU is the dynamic IT organization since July 1 2000, strives to produce innovative products that meet our customer's evolving needs.

We work keeping, just one person in mind - "YOU". This quality to deliver world class IT service with the highest degree of customer satisfaction and at the most competitive prices.

Your road to success is paved by our state-of-the-art Infrastructure. Our business depends on getting the best solution & service. We offer a wide range of Service & Support that deliver quality results every time. The services are customized so that they meet the requirement of our Clients.

We look forward to having an opportunity of proving that FEAFU Tehnology Solutions Private Limited is not just another "Software and Consulting" firm. We look forward to serving you and your organization, with the hope of becoming a valued partner in your technical procurement process.

We believe in being honest,

Hardworking and upfront at all times. Above all, we believe in taking care of people.

Our solutions

include building next generation communication for clients. Our global delivery model provides high quality, rapid time-to-market solutions on time and within budget.

Our business model

focuses on having long-term strategic relationships with clients and a significant portion of our revenue comes from repeat business.


Meet Founders

Nagaraj Ruthirakotty


Nagaraj Ruthirakotty, who has more than 20 years of experience in running Software Company and handled many projects on the web-based domain across Asia and US Market. His specialized domain is on entertainment segment and one of his products on online ticketing for movie goers has been bought by India’s largest entertainment portal “BOOKMYSHOW” in 2012. His passion towards this industry continues and designed another product on entertainment segment, “SmartDistributor”, which will be connecting the production houses directly with theatre houses.

Apart from this entertainment domain, he also has more passion on Cricket and developing app, which will hit the market by third quarter of 2020.

He completed his Master of Computer Application in Chennai and now runs two companies, Private Limited and Firm.

Ganesh Palani

Co Founder

Palani Ganesh, co-founder of this company as well as the other firm. He has more than 20 years on Technical expertise and his design on GPS project for US company runs with more than 1.5 billions of records and continuing to grow every day, shows his caliber and handling capability of projects and clients needs. Similarly the movie ticketing application on web based and mobile app is another mile stone of his design.

Apart from GPS project, he also heading Virtual Reality on Medical Science in Association with Doctors from USA and this will be another futuristic project in the history of company.



PRODUCT development

We specializes in Building a successful product must include a clearly articulated understanding of the requirements, the users, the target audience and the potential market.

Application Development

We have expertise in developing Client-Server applications based on n-tier as well as Software for stand alone PCs to carry out small office related work.

Virtual Reality

We specialize in developing and testing VR Simulators that help with training experts of varied backgrounds , using immersive visuals and innovative methods of interaction.

Augmented Reality

We have experience in creating both Marker based and SLAM AR applications that enrich the user's experience using highly detailed 3D models and unique visualization techniques.

Mixed Reality

We have expertise in researching and testing Mixed Reality experiences based on Spatial Mapping with the goal of addressing various real world limitations with the same.

3D Animation

We're ready to support your animation projects with our services of character development, backgrounds, props, storyboards, animatics, style guides, and others. We can create an art-direction for your project, but our highly skilled and experienced team can work with a pre-established art direction.


Our Technology

% Web

% Data Center

% App

% VR & AR

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