CricStory VR

CricStory VR aims at creating a detailed VR experience that allow the player to learn the art of fielder placement with the help of precise 3D walkthroughs and accurate tools of measurement. The player can move freely around the cricket stadium and view the pitch from the perspective of each placed fielder.

Robotic Arm VR

Robotic Arm VR is a VR simulation aimed towards training the user in the art of using 3DoF and 6DoF Robotic Arms. Made to function directly with hand input using Occulus's Hand Tracking feature , the user can interact with buttons and switches that control various joints of the Arm.

Interior Design VR

Interior Design VR combines the innovation of creating detailed building interiors in 3D and crisp VR walkthroughs. Made to showcase intricate craftsmanship , the VR experience has highly detailed 3D models that are elevated visually by Post Processing Effects.


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